About Mascara

I just posted my best mascara tip on A Sweet Day Emporium. I'm so impressed by this trick I think everyone should know it!


A Special Announcement

As I said before I'm not expecting another baby yet. But my next project could become like a baby to me. Pretty soon I'll be opening up an Etsy Shop. I'm definitely excited about it and I've been thinking about it for a while. My goal is to have the shop up and running sometime in May. To go along with the shop I'm changing my blog. I will no longer be blogging here at Absolutely Cheesy. The name of the shop will be A Sweet Day Emporium and so will the new blog. As you will see I started on the new blog back in March. I've been procrastinating a little bit out of nervousness, but no longer! I'm ready to get going! I'm going to keep up this blog until I move all the tutorials over to the new one. My first post will be this Friday and you won't want to miss it as it will be a revised easier tutorial for fabric applique onesies. I have a lot in store and I'm so excited to share it with you! Have a Sweet Day!


Tune In Tuesday

Hello blog friends. The fam and I are off on a quickie trip to Sacramento. Will be back Tuesday with a fun announcement (No I'm not having another baby.) Have a great weekend!


Have an Awesome Weekend!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. If you get bored check out this blog called 1000 Awesome Things. I got a little addicted to it today. It's awesome!I know. Totally random picture. The car on the right was the car we rented on our honeymoon. And quite frankly it was just awesome!


Crib Bumper

I just mailed off a crib bumper that I made for a good friend. This is the second one that I have made and it is so much better than the one I made for my little girl. She has really great taste & chose dang cute fabric. I think it turned out pretty good.I tried it out on my daughter's crib so please ignore the fact that there is no sheet (her's was pink so I took it off). What I did was I bought a plane white bumper from Babies-R-Us and made a cover for it. Trust me it's much easier that way. I'll take pictures sometime soon of my daughters so you can see the difference.


Post Baby Bummers

I have had horrible skin since I've stopped nursing. So bad in fact that for a split second I wanted to get pregnant again so that it will go away. However my husband vetoed that. I've struggled finding a grocery store cleanser that can do the job. I no longer have any S.D. products and they are too expensive for me to purchase at this time. I need to find something that I can pick up while I'm out running errands and that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I've tried Neutrogena, and Boots but to no avail. So last week we ran out of astringent and I found this at Target...I forgot all about Noxema products. It seems like a lot of my friends in high school used Noxema, but I haven't heard about it in forever. I figured that my skin is acting like it's 16 though so I'll give it a try. Well wouldn't you know it's working! I'm going back for the cleanser tomorrow!


A Little Present To Myself

I ran out of Mascara this week. I'm borderline obsessed with finding the perfect mascara. As of today I still hadn't found it. Then I decided to splurge. I figured since it's my birthday I would treat myself to this...
My life is changed forever. Dior Show Black Out is the best mascara I have ever put on my lashes. I will never go back. I heard the original Dior Show was great so I went to buy that. I left with this instead after trying this on one eye and the original on the other. I also hear Iconic is fantastic as well. Might try that one in the future. What can I say sometimes a girl just needs to treat herself!


I've fallen in love

Yesterday I met this little man. And my heart melted.


Thank You Google Reader!

I'm pretty sure I'm late to the game on this one. However maybe there is someone out there who is as late as I am and this post is for you. Google Reader is this fantastic internet tool that helps you organize the blogs you frequently read. It's quick and very easy to use. You list (or "subscribe" to) all the blogs you read in one place and then it tells you when there is a new post. So instead of going into each and every site individually you just log into your account and and see which sites have new posts. Saving you a little bit of time everyday. Because if you are anything like me you might look at quite a few blogs. There are actually a few of these types of sites out there and I have tried one other. I just find Google Reader to be easiest so far. Go there, watch the info video, and it will all make sense as to why to use it!


Garden Gnomes

Ever since my daughter was a garden gnome for Halloween I have been slightly in love with them. I love Heather Ross' Garden Gnome Fabric, and I have had some fun playing with the Garden Gnome Name Generator. But this takes the cake!Found on Etsy @ BROOKLYNNrehab

I love him! I want him! I need him!