Seriously what are the producers of American Idol doing?!!!? They put some pretty irritating/horrible people through to the top 36. I almost went on strike but then I remembered that there are some people I'm anxious to see do well. But honestly Tatiana, Norman Gentle?!? What are they thinking.

I have to say I appreciate the new judge Kara. She seems way more put together and normal than Paula. So far she seems like a legitimate opinion. We shall see how this season goes. Could be good... but it could be a train wreck too.


jessy said...

I too can not believe they put Tatiana through. That girl drives me crazy!

beth said...

She must get voted off and not make it to the top 10. Boo. And top 36???? I swear in the past it was 24. Maybe they have more episodes now. This show goes on forever, and I can't stop watching.