Thank You Google Reader!

I'm pretty sure I'm late to the game on this one. However maybe there is someone out there who is as late as I am and this post is for you. Google Reader is this fantastic internet tool that helps you organize the blogs you frequently read. It's quick and very easy to use. You list (or "subscribe" to) all the blogs you read in one place and then it tells you when there is a new post. So instead of going into each and every site individually you just log into your account and and see which sites have new posts. Saving you a little bit of time everyday. Because if you are anything like me you might look at quite a few blogs. There are actually a few of these types of sites out there and I have tried one other. I just find Google Reader to be easiest so far. Go there, watch the info video, and it will all make sense as to why to use it!


Sarah said...

Yes! I've been using google reader for a long time. I love it! I try and tell people about it and explain what it is, but they just don't get it until they see it and use it for themselves. Didn't it just change your life? The only thing I don't like is that it won't subscribe to private blogs, so I still have to check those on my own.

Anonymous said...
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