Fabric Applique Baby Onesie

I decided to do my first tutorial on Fabric Applique Baby Onesies. Obviously you don't have to just use this for onesies. You could do dish towels, pillow cases, burp cloths, ect. ect. I've just been making my little munchkin a lot of shirts lately. These also make great & easy baby shower gifts that people will love!

You Will Need
Fusible Webbing
(I like one that has a double sided temporary adhesive)
Fabric Scraps

Embroidery Floss

Fusible Fabric Stabilizer


1. Trace pattern on to fusible webbing & Cut out
2. Peel paper backing off one side of fuser, stick to back side of fabric, and cut out

3. Peel paper backing off remaining side, stick to onesie, and iron on

4. Stitch around pattern and add whatever embellishment you would like. About 50% of the time I use a basic back stitch. If the shape is big and simple (example: a star) I will use a more intricate stitch. Primrose Design is a fantastic blog that has a "Stitch School". That is where I go to learn all of my embroidery.

5. I like to use a fuser made of a nice soft fabric on the inside of the onesie to hold down and secure all of my knots.

10. You're Done! Put on your baby cakes and enjoy!

*NOTE* I always wash, dry, and press my fabric and onesies before working with them to avoid shrinking and puckering.

So do you like to win free stuff?!!? Well I'm going to give one of these lovelies away! Just leave me a comment letting me know if you would like to win a girl, boy, or gender neutral onesie, and link to this post so that more people can have the opportunity to win! You have until Friday August 22. The winner will be announced the following Monday. Girls will win this Cherry Blossom onesie, boys a Jolly Roger, and neutral will get a star! Don't forget to leave your name!


Jen said...

Hey dear! I would love a boys onesie if I manage to win, and I plan on putting a link to your blog on my CafeMom site!

Marie said...

OH these are darling... I think I need to try it! I would love a girl one if I happen to win. I am going to replce your other blog on my blog with a link to this one.Very cute!! I also like how you listed your inspriation on the side!

The Allen Family said...

Oh enter me in for a girl onesie for sure! I'm feeling lucky because my birthday is on Friday!

jessy said...

I love the new blog and the cutie onesies. Now look who the family "Martha Stewart" is! Here's a hint that can save a half step: trace your pattern on the paper side of the fusible webbing, iron on to fuse to fabric, and then cut out the pattern. This works well if you are cutting out small details and don't want to cut twice. Just remember that if you are doing letters to trace them backwards!

Bailey said...

Thanks Jess! See I'm not Martha you are! I'll have to consult you before I put up my tutorials.

Judy said...

Bailey dear, this is a great start to your new blog. I enjoyed it very much! Good job, good job!!

Aubrey Jane said...

OK - OK - I want one too. But I'll have to have one of each! Good Job Bails!

Amanda said...

Very cute! I love them! But, I don't know what I'm having so-- gender netural. I'll link this on my diapers blog.

Beth said...

Perfect for little Audrey. Can I still enter even though it's almost midnight?

Bailey said...

Of coarse you can still enter!