What is More Inspiring Than the Olympics?

The precision and beauty of the opening cerimonies. (click here for more images)The details of the Olympic Gardens. (click here for more images)The perfection of 8 Olympic Gold Medals (and 14 Career Gold Medals).
The gracefulness and graciousness of our gymnasts. (click here for the best Olympic Personality ever!)

I can't get enough of the heart warming stories either. Dara Torres being 25 years older than the girl swimming next to her. Cullen Jones story of drowning when he was a child and then becoming one of the fastest swimmers in the world. Eric Shanteau participating with cancer. The list goes on and on. I have LOVED the Olympics this year! It makes me wish I were an athlete.


jessy said...

We love the Olympics too(or Welympics as Tyler says it)! We stay up way too late watching them every night. We didn't see all of the opening cerimonies, but what we did see was amazing!

Aubrey Jane said...

It has been good hasn't it! We loved the women's beach volleyball last night.