Poor, Pathetic, Pitiful Pico

I know I promised you another tutorial today. It just didn't get done because we had to rush this sad boy to the vet. He has been feeling under the weather and has been refusing to do anything but sleep. No eating, drinking, playing. Nothing. The good Doctor says he is having some back issues and it might be depressing him. I'll tell you what I hope he gets better soon. He has had so many issues this summer. I am ready for my healthy, happy, hyper little guy to be back to normal.

So sorry about the tutorial. Tune in tomorrow. I will have it up by then!

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Amanda said...

There are Chiropractic Vets! We took our cat Max to see one when we lived there in TX (He was also a teacher at the school). He would get his shots and exam and then an adjustment! Let me know if you would like me to look up one for you in your area!