Oh Sonya!

My DH used to work for the skin care company Sonya Dakar. Sonya Dakar the person got arrested last week for apparently trying to bite a health inspector. For some reason I find this funny. My DH used to tell me all kinds of funny stories about people complaining that Sonya was mean. All I know is that she makes a mean face cream. If you have lot's of extra money try out The Sonya Dakar Ultra Lux line. If you have a little extra money try the Sonya Dakar Drying Potion. No scratch that! Everyone go out and buy this as no woman should live without it!

As a side note I myself have only met Sonya once very briefly in passing at a red carpet event for the clinic. However I have had wonderful conversations with her sweet husband Israel and her beautiful daughter Mimi. So I'm sure she can't be all that bad because she has a wonderful family.

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