The Dissappearing Eye Hair

This is my eye (I made it small so that I wouldn't scare anyone when they pulled up this page with a huge creepy eye). I used to have really nice perfectly shaped eyebrows and really nice thick eye lashes. Over the last few years though they have become thinner and thinner. I have stopped plucking and shaping them because I'm afraid they are going to fall out and never come back. I know I should be using an eyebrow pencil but I'm lazy. I really don't want to add another step to my make up regime. What I really want is my stinking eyebrows back (I'm not so worried about my lashes if all else fails I can get extensions someday). So the question is does anyone know of a way to grow back eye brows. Take a certain vitamin or mineral? Anything? Or am I stuck for the rest of my life with ugly thinning eyebrows? HELP!

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Crazy Lady said...

they aren't ugly...or maybe because they look like mine!

i thought less hair as we get older is a good thing? i'm more worried about crazy chin hairs.

eye brow pencils are foreign to me, i always think they make me look dumb. maybe i'm doing it wrong