Miss Pickle Bottom

You know the ones. The beautiful diaper bags that every stylish Mom seems to be carrying around these days. The ones with the gorgeous Oriental inspired prints. The bags that are so easy to throw on like a back pack and jet out to go shopping.

Well I don't have one of those.

Oh I do have a Petunia Pickle Bottom. Mine is just a little different(click here to see a picture). It's green wool. It could also be described as a "guyper" bag. My DH loves it. And you know what I love it too. Well a few months ago it broke on me. Needless to say I was a little disappointed. You know what though. I called and talked to the company. I spoke with a lovely lady and she said all I had to do was send it in and they would either fix it or replace it. Now that is what I call customer service! So if you are trying to decide on a Diaper Bag for an upcoming new addition to your family I would have to recommend a Petunia Pickle Bottom. Not only will you look oh so chic carrying it but they are a great company!


Marie said...

This is so funny that you posted this today b/c all week I have been online wanting a new cute diaper bag! these are cute and a boutique in broomfield carries them! Thanks for the recommndation!!

Beth said...

I like some of their new ones. I just think the silk ones look really ratty once they are out and about and have gotten a little wear and tear into them. Especially for how much you spend on them. But the other designs are cute.

Bailey said...

Beth I totally agree! They are pretty but I don't feel like they last. That's why I like mine. No matter what I do to it it will always look the same. It's tough. A little manly but tough.

Carrie said...

Hey Bailey - thanks for your comments about Petunia - we put you on our blog at http://leberpr.blogs.com/baby/

Also, for those that need a very durable bag, there is also the glazed collection from Petunia which offers the pretty look of brocade, and the waterproof durability of a glazed fabric.