Hola Jalapeno

I got this book for the munchkin today. I think I might like it more than her. I want to get the whole series now. Seriously fun/funny books for little ones!First book of Sushi and Yum Yum Dim Sum are next on my list.
World Snack Series By Amy Wilson Sanger

Speaking of Mexican Food. Here in San Antonio we have a restaurant called Taco Taco. It was voted the best Tacos in America by the Food Network and Bon Appetite! I'm going there in the tomorrow! Yay!


Aubrey Jane said...

Nice list of things to do. I could put a few of those on a list for myself!
I hope you liked Taco Taco. Sounds yummy!
Have you checked out Ashley's decals? Way cute!

The Allen Family said...

Julia got the Sushi book at her baby shower. So cute and totally perfect for the Barkers!