In 2009 I Will...

Run a Race.
Take More Pictures.
Float Down the River.
Go to this Grotto.
Use My Cookbooks.
Cut My Hair.
Do at Least 5 More Tutorials and Giveaways.
Play More, Watch TV less.
Go To Sandfest.
Drink More Water.
Attend a High School Football Game.
Paint My Nails More Often.
Go On A Trip.
Laugh More.
Argue Less.
Enjoy Life!

These are not resolutions. Just things I hope to do. If I get 5 of these things done I will feel accomplished!


Aubrey Jane said...

I love this list and I'm totally going to copy it. I just wish I had a few fun places to visit also. I want to go to Sandfest, and the grotto, and the river. Oh, and Taco Taco.

Laura said...

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