A Little About Me

So if you have ever read my profile you might be wondering what exactly does this girl do in the Fashion Industry? Well as it turns out nothing. I'm just having a hard time letting go of my last job. Right now I'm a stay at home Mom. Raising my wonderful daughter. Before she was born however I lived in Encino California. I worked for a Modeling Agency called Rage Models & Talent. I loved my job. It was a great place to work and I truly miss it. It's a full service modeling agency with a special niche. They corner the market in LA in what's called fit modeling (not to be confused with Fitness Modeling). A fit model is a model that goes out to the designers and acts as a live mannequin. Gone are the days that designers build their clothing on dress forms. Almost all designers make their garments with a fit model ensuring that you the consumer will get the best quality pieces possible. My job was to speak with the designers and determine which model would be the best possible fit for the job. Chances are if you've purchased jeans anytime over the past 15 years a Rage Model helped in creating them. It was a fascinating job and I learned a lot from working there.

So every now and then I will be posting some pearls of wisdom that I gleaned from my time in the fashion industry. I know I may not always look like the most stylish girl on the block. Primarily because it takes money to keep up. But I hope that some of you will be able to take something away from it. Next Monday I will be posting about Designer Denim. Why buy it?

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Crazy Lady said...

good to know. yeah, i don't think i've spent more than $30 on jeans in my life. an i going to get blog blocked?