Oh It's Monday

So it's my post on designer denim. Denim is a huge part of any woman's life right? I mean I probably wear jeans 5-6 days a week. The number one reason to spend some extra money on a good pair of jeans is obvious. You get what you pay for. And trust me I should know. For example let's say you find this cute pair of jeans at Forever 21 for $14.50. I know for a fact that for $14.50 the quality of the denim is going to be low and the craftsmanship will be even lower. You will get 3-6 months wear out of these tops. That is with taking care of them really well. Forever 21 might fit these pants on a model once maybe twice at the most. All they are concerned with is getting it done and on the shelves as fast as possible and for as cheap as they can.

Now take a look at a similar pair of jeans by Hudson that I found on bluefly.com for $112. So before you freak out (some of you are perfectly comfortable with this price I know, but I also know a lot of you aren't!) I can honestly tell you that they are worth that amount. For that amount of money you are getting top quality materials and craftsmanship. This style of jeans was probably fit on a model no less than 5-6 times before going to the manufacturers. This ensures that you are getting the best fitting and the most comfortable pair of jeans possible. You will get years of wear out of these jeans.

So when someone says you get what you pay for I know from my previous job how true that is. Designers spend a lot of time choosing their fabrics, making patterns, designing pockets, fitting their garments, researching trends, and much much more.

Ok not everyone can afford designer cloths. Especially with the economy the way it is. So here are my tips for you. Go to Nordstrom's, Macy's, any department store and try on different brands, styles, and washes. Find what looks best on you. Then get online and find it on sale. Ebay is a good place to look too. You can usually find some great deals. As with any article of clothing you buy you will want to spend a little extra on classic pieces that will last a long time. For those here today gone tomorrow trends go to Forever 21, H&M, and other less expensive stores.


Crazy Lady said...

here's my deal though. seems like those jeans are just for skinny girls...ahem, like the author of this post.

am i wrong?

Bailey said...

I'm flattered you think I'm skinny but oh I am not at all. But that is also why I said to try on different fits and brands. You would be surprised at what would look good on you. You should never buy something just because it is in style. Always buy for what looks best on your figure. I personally look best in a boot leg jean. I just dream of wearing a skinny jean.

beth said...

Okay - I'm totally with you on this one. But what about the middle of the road jeans. Like Gap???? Or Old Navy, J. Crew?? I've always wanted to invest in a REALLY AMAZING pair of designer jeans that will last the rest of my life :)

And um.... yes of course you are skinny and super stylish and I can totally picture you in skinny jeans. :)

Bailey said...

So I don't know much about the GAP and Old Navy. They manufacture their cloths in San Francisco. I know for me personally they just don't fit me right. J Crew has gone to great lengths to bring up the quality and style factor with their cloths. So if you buy jeans from them you're getting a great pair. I only have one pair of designer jeans and it's a pair of Paige. They are impeccable. All my other jeans I'm a tad embarrassed to say I get at Pac Sun. I know their fit model and she has a similar body shape to me So they fit me really well. They aren't the best quality and will only last a couple years at the most but they look good on me.

You guys are so sweet! Seriously! But pregnancy changes a girl. I am getting my body back. Just slowly.

Aubrey Jane said...

Do you know anything about Vigoss jeans? They slip on like butter. But they don't last more than a year (and I bought them at penneys).